Saturday, February 8, 2020

Digital Marketing Report( Gwynne's) Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Digital Marketing Report( Gwynne's) - Case Study Example The key market that is served by the business is America. The business specifically targets Americans who live in NY, Colorado etc. There are several other online tutorials who teach Latin to students in the USA. Almost all of them are online based coaching classes who teach Latin based on teaching through SKYPE. The future direction for the business would be to advertise through online platforms such as face book and twitter and also contact the universities for conducting classes for the students of the universities. The current stakeholder’s in the organization’s marketing activities are the website of the company; you tube through which the company hosts the videos of classroom teaching to attract further students as customers. Other current stakeholders in the marketing activities of the organization are websites like Amazon through which the business markets textbooks written by the authors. In future the company intends to promote the business through social media websites and use them as marketing channels. Among the social media channels that the company wants to use in order to promote the business are Face book and Twitter. In future if the business goes big the company should hire more teachers, create a company promote online. The business may also provide free classes to the students so that they are attracted to undertake the full time courses. Amongst the existing channel mix for the business are the medium such as website of the company, and you tube. Most of the customers of the company connect with the company through the websites of the company. The website of the business also provides links about the videos dealing with classroom coaching by Mr. Gwynne. Other elements of the promotional mix that are used by the company to promote it are the newspaper in which the company advertises about itself. Amongst all the different marketing and channel mix that are used by the business to promote itself, the website

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