Sunday, November 24, 2019

Pythagorean Therom essays

Pythagorean Therom essays When the name Pythagoras is mentioned, most people (who have taken a geometry or another higher mathematics course) automatically think  ¡the Pythagorean Theorem ¡. But what many people do not know is that Pythagoras contributed a lot more than just  ¡a theorem ¡ to the world of mathematics. From traveling to many cities near and far from his birthplace in Samos, Ionia (569 B.C.), to having a mysterious unknown death, Pythagoras has been placed above many mathematicians as the  ¡ first pure mathematician. ¡ (Cajori, 17) Details of Pythagoras ¡ life are not of those, which have been documented by him, instead information about Pythagoras ¡ life comes from early bibliographies, which were written by authors whom had grown very fond of Pythagoras and his work(s). The information in this paper was pieced together by various sources that had many major facts that repeated throughout the sources. Some resources have other in order facts about Pythagoras that were not found in any supplementary texts or Internet sites. The research that I chose to incorporate in my paper about Pythagoras was based on what seemed valid and credible. Pythagoras ¡ traveling and learning began at an early age, when he would travel out of Samos with his father to conduct business. The childhood of Pythagoras is like that of a lost treasure at the bottom of the ocean ¡s floor. It is almost as if Pythagoras was bore to his parents, but really did not starting living his life until he was between the ages 18 and 20. During those years, Pythagoras was introduced to the  ¡ancient ¡ Thales and his apprentice Anaximander who both lived on Miletus. It is said that Thales did not teach Pythagoras much, however he was the one person to get Pythagoras ¡ interested in mathematics and astronomy. ( During direct instruction, under Thales, Pythagoras was advised to trek to Egypt and teach the citizen...

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